Who we are:
Monopole Wine Club is part of Monopole Wine Group. An invitation to join the private network is extended through the personal recommendation of the existing membership.

The club is for wine lovers, who want to have access to great wines at best prices, while enjoying the best service.

Benefits of the club:

  • Wines sold at the best trade price.
  • Exclusive wines
  • Invitation to wine tastings
  • Wine concierge service : We have barrels of expertise and stock, which extend much beyond what we could fit in these pages. We’ll be delighted to give you recommendations on specific wines or vintages, or help you source that special something – all at no extra cost. After all, it’s our passion.
  • Access to Liv Ex offers
  • Wine delivery, wine storage

Extra advantages:

  • Discounts at partner restaurants, bars, discounts for wine cabinet, wine related articles.

How do we do it:
Monopole Wine group is a UK based wine importer.
We taste thousands of wines each year, scouring the vineyards of Europe and beyond to unearth new gems which excite our palate and stir our passion. We buy directly from the producers – no intermediary involved – to supply high end restaurants, hotels and wine merchants across the UK.
We were naturally selling these wines to friends and family at the same trade prices, this is how Monopole Wine club was born.

Which wines:
Exquisite wines, predominantly from Europe. Quite often small production, family owned wineries, organic production. Our wine producers are pure artisans with a dedication for the quality ( vs quantity ) of their wines.


David Farber, Managing Director

After 15 years in investment banking and asset management, David became director of IG Wines, a wine investment company before launching Monopole Wine PM. David has a passion for wine and has been an avid collector for 18 years.

Thierry Tomasin, Senior Director

Owner of Angelus restaurant www.angelusrestaurant.co.uk, former Chief Sommelier of the 2 Michelin star restaurant, Le Gavroche and manager of Aubergine . Thierry remains the youngest man to earn the Master of Culinary Arts, and was the chairman of the sommelier club of Great Britain for 5 years. Thierry is now the food and wine correspondent for the Evening Standard.